Fm global data sheets 7 29 13

Parmi les Data Sheet FM les plus souvent utilisées par CYRUS INDUSTRIE pour la conception des installations de protection incendie, on citera notamment : DSFM 7-14 : Fire & Explosion Protection for Flammable Liquid, Flammable Gas, & Liquefied Flammable Gas. DSFM 7-29 : Ignitable Liquid Storage in Portable Containers.

per other standards such as FM Approval Standard 3600 – Electrical Equipment For Use In Hazardous (Classified) Locations General Requirements. 1.2 Scope 1.2.1 This standard sets performance requirements for radiant energy-sensing fire detectors for the protection of occupants, building space, structure, area, or object.

Commonly, IBCs are used for the shipping and storage of ignitable liquids. FM Global's past testing has found new protection options for these types of containers with high flash point liquids and ethyl alcohol that can be found in FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 7-29

FM Global is a good company to work for, and the benefits are excellent. Work hours are extremely flexible, and I am able to work from home a majority of the time. The company provides cars and all needed equipment to their field engineers, and they also cover all gas and toll road costs.FM GLOBAL VALUE PROPOSITION Our ppppromise is to help protect the value created by our client’s business. OuOu p ocess s or process is to assessassess a d e g ee and engineer risk, to help prevent and mitigate loss, and to provide capital for risk transfer purposes.