Atlas pro drone

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The Atlas Pro professional drone has been named a 2018 Red Dot Award winner. Designers and manufacturers from 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 products for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018. The Atlas Pro distinguished itself throughout the evaluation process through its excellence of design and unparalleled capabilities. Get Remote Control Drones - special deals online - get fast shipping Australia-wide... Remote Control Drones at Mighty Ape Australia Toggle navigation Join Now Log In

Shop our large selection multi-rotor photography drones, parts, cameras and Autopilot Systems. Free shipping on qualifying orders. The Phantom 4 Pro series was DJI's best drone at launch for object avoidance technology, a trend that continues and is improved upon with the V2.0 series, adding radar and more obstacle avoidance goodness. The newer drone comes with the same 20MP 4K camera as previous, still one of the best camera drones on the market. The ATLAS Antenna System is a quick mounted antenna for various DJI Drones. It employs omni driectional whip antennas and built-in amps and battery. The Parrot Sequoia+ multispectral sensor is revolutionising the sector, offering a comprehensive, adaptable solution that is compatible with all types of drones. With its two sensors, multispectral and sunshine, Parrot Sequoia+ analyses plants' vitality by capturing the amount of light they absorb and reflect.

The Armasight Drone Pro 5x-10x is one of the most advanced scopes in its class. The CCD imaging system in the Drone Pro provides all weather target detection and discrimination. It is sensitive to both infrared and visible light. The Drone Pro will be useful regardless of weather conditions. Dec 30, 2018 · Original Drone Stock Footage cinematic drone footage for your editing projects Whether for television, feature films, advertising or industrial productions, our… Watch Montreal Drone Pro Videos Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo